Surviving a family crisis

A family crisis can occur when the family has to change. According to research, a threat to the family’s organization, structure, or culture can cause a crisis.  There are several types of family crisis: Death of a family member, loss of a job, natural disaster etc. Not all crises are necessarily negative, even a good change may become a crisis, such as the birth of a baby, retirement, children leaving the home, having a new brother or sister, or adoption.  

What deems a crisis is the perception of the family and/or family member to the event, change, or circumstances that are occurring.  According to research, families that are often immobilized by stress often have more arguments, may lack cohesiveness and openness among members, lack family activities or quality time together and lack positive communication/conflict management skills. Children will tend to become more stressed and they may show this by displaying more emotional and behavioral problems such as getting into more trouble at home and or at school, experience more sleep disturbances, have trouble paying attention, become more quiet and withdrawn, and often show more signs of worry and anxiety.

Family therapy can be a wonderful tool for families to engage in work on the family dynamic interaction and system as a whole. Families who engage in therapy can help to strengthen their relationship by learning conflict resolution skills, supportive communication, and gain an understanding of one another’s temperaments and perspectives. Parents can also be given psychoeducation regarding positive child behavioral management techniques as well.

Youth Crisis Center’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Program


The Youth Crisis Center was founded in 1974 as Florida’s first run-away program and has grown to be one of the largest and best-known providers of services for youth and families. Nationally recognized as setting a standard in youth services, YCC has been ranked as one of the top five programs in the United States by the Youth Policy Institute in Washington D.C. Throughout the past 46 years, YCC has helped thousands of youth and their families overcome adversity and build stronger relationships. 


One of the several programs, YCC offers is Outpatient Behavioral Health. This program provides comprehensive mental health and psychiatric care to kids as young as three and their families. Parents may also receive individual and family counseling regardless if their child is a client at YCC.





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