3 ways to keep your anger in check


It’s completely normal to feel angry. It’s a natural emotion that everybody has experienced at least one point in their lives. However, there is no reason to stay mad if you’re feeling that way. Medical experts claim there are long-term physical effects to not managing your anger, such as anxiety, depression, and stroke risks. Therapists at the Youth Crisis Center say there are ways to manage your anger if you feel that upset; in fact, you can do three things right now to help you manage your anger.


Do a countdown

Therapists at the Youth Crisis Center recommend counting up or down from 10 or 100. The Youth Crisis Center believes using this method can help you calm down while also slowing down your heart rate.


Deep Breaths

This step can immediately follow the first one or be standalone. Experts at YCC claim taking deep breaths can help you re-center yourself. YCC also recommends using breathing exercises as a way of practicing mindfulness. To learn more about mindfulness, click here.



Experts at the Youth Crisis Center encourage clients to be as active as possible. Going for a walk or a light jog can help you get your limbs moving, and blood pumping, which could ultimately help you keep your mind off whatever is angering you.

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