The importance of therapy

What is therapy and can it really help people? 

Therapy is designed to assist someone who may be dealing with life stressors that can affect their outlook on life. You can see a mental health profession for a multitude of problems such as anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), trauma, low self-esteem, anger, grief/loss just to name a few. Therapy allows you to talk openly with an unbiased mental health profession. As a mental health profession, we assist our clients in uncovering strengths about themselves and to help them learn new skills in life so they can deal with situations that may impact their life. Therapy not only helps you to deal with what is going on internally but it can boost your physical health as well.

Can therapy be for one person or can the whole family participate? 

Therapy is designed for the individual and their family. Individual therapy is one-on-one and it tackles your needs as a person so that you can handle any obstacles that you may face daily. Family therapy allows for family members to come together and work on any conflict and lack of communication there is amongst one another. At Youth Crisis Center we not only provide individual therapy but strive to have family therapy as well to help address specific issues or concerns they may have.

Is therapy only for someone who is mentally ill? Can therapy tackle more than one issue?

Therapy is not just for people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. Everyone needs a positive support system in their life and by talking to a mental health professional regardless of if you have a mental illness or not, it can give you a new perspective on how to deal with certain situations in your life. Therapy can tackle as many issues as you would like to work on. At Youth Crisis Center, our treatment plans are personalized to meet the needs of our patients and there are times where they have more than one issue they would like to work on.


YCC’s Family Link Program 

The Family Link program provides professional and compassionate short-term, outpatient counseling services to families with children ages 6-17 who are experiencing concerns that could disrupt the health and stability of the family. These services are available at no cost to residents of Baker, Clay, Duval, St. Johns, and Nassau counties through appointments at the child’s school or other community locations. Click to learn more about Family Link and the 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Family. All Family Link counseling sessions are confidential. To learn more about services, please call (904) 720-0007.

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