First Coast Forum Interview with Kim Sirdevan, President and CEO of the Youth Crisis Center, and Brian Middleton

On August 30th Kim Sirdevan stopped by First Coast Forum to chat with Brian Middleton about the programs that the Youth Crisis Center offers and the repositioning of their brand. In 1974 former Councilwoman Gwen Yates founded the Transient Youth Center which was a safe shelter space for runaway youth. In 1982, it became Youth Crisis Center. Fast forward 43 years and the heart of the Youth Crisis Center is still very much the same. While expanding to provide more programs geared towards reuniting families they have shifted their focus from serving “at-risk” youth towards serving youth and families impacted by traumatic life events.

Youth Crisis Center offers six programs:

  • Residential Crisis Care
  • Family Link
  • Outpatient Behavioral Health
  • SNAP (Stop Now and Plan)
  • Touchstone Village
  • Project Safe Place

Another big conversation point in the interview is the new House of Hope emergency shelter initiative that YCC is launching in collaboration with JASMYN. This shelter will primarily serve homeless LGBTQ young adults ages 18-24 while acting as a safe space and providing important services that will assist in gaining skills necessary for self-sufficiency. YCC is hopeful to open the House of Hope in early 2018, a goal that is contingent on the receipt of critical recurring operational dollars. YCC is seeking funding opportunities to help support the necessary $650,000 in estimated first year operational costs for the emergency shelter.

Listen to the full interview below to learn more about the programs that the Youth Crisis Center provides and other ways you can get involved.

The Youth Crisis Center is open 24/7 and has staff available daily to provide immediate guidance. The Youth Crisis Center Hotline is 904-725-6662.

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