Our Programs

Residential Program

Our Residential Crisis Care services offer support and guidance for youth ages 10-17 years old that are threatening to run away, have run away, are homeless, ungovernable, truant, or school-related concerns and are in need of respite care services.

Family Link

Family Link provides free, confidential outpatient counseling for families experiencing any youth-related issue that disrupts the health and stability of the home. Assistance is available via telephone, scheduled appointments and walk-in visits.

Transitional Living Programs

Our transitional living programs, Touchstone Village Duval and Touchstone Village Clay, are designed to take the individual needs of each resident into consideration, but our goal for each individual is the same: to successfully make the transition into a responsible, independent young adult.

Outpatient Behavioral Health

YCC’s Outpatient Behavioral Health program provides counseling for a myriad of behavioral and mental health concerns through individual,family, group, and couples counseling. This program accepts Medicaid, various commercial insurances, and self-pay.

SNAP - Stop Now And Plan

SNAP®, which stands for STOP NOW AND PLAN, is an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral model powered by the minds at Child Development Institute (CDI). SNAP® helps troubled children and their parents learn how to effectively manage their emotions and ‘keep problems small’.
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