Shameel Warrington

Touchstone Village Transitional Living Specialist

Shameel Warrington is a transitional living specialist at Youth Crisis Center’s Touchstone Village Program.


Shameel earned her bachelors of arts in psychology with a minor in social welfare at the University of North Florida in 2014. While in college, Shameel grew a passion for urban youth while volunteering at various organizations such as Kids Across America, Hubbard House, PACE, and Daniel Kids.  


During her 3 years at UNF she interned at the Delores Barr Weaver Policy center, empowering high-risk elementary school girls as a mentor, tutor, group facilitator, and counselor. Shameel also dedicated a summer to work with urban youth as a camp counselor at a sports camp in Missouri by the name of Kids Across America. After graduation, Shameel had the opportunity to work with Every Nation Campus Ministries which is an  organization helping to equip and empower college students as effective leaders. Shameel did mentorship and personal development for college aged girls, facilitated small groups, and worked with a team to plan various outreaches, large group events, and conferences. One thing she learned through her volunteer work and experiences working with youth and young adults is the importance of listening to understand rather than listening with the intent to reply.



Shameel looks forward to helping bring hope and life transformation to the young adults living at Touchstone Village; through encouraging their strengths, celebrating their victories, and equipping and empowering them to lead and bring positive impact to their area of influence.

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