Dr. Laurie Truog

Medical Director

Dr. Laurie Truog is a double board-certified psychiatrist and has been practicing in the greater Jacksonville area for over thirteen years.  She completed Adult as well as Child and Adolescent Psychiatry training programs at the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System.  She has practiced clinical medicine as well as participated in executive leadership positions in Community Mental Health agencies.  Her main passion is treating children and young adults for positive, whole person functioning.  Dr. Truog embraces a multimodal treatment approach and views positive mental health as a lifestyle.  
Dr. Truog has significant experience in treatment resistant populations as well as working with educational systems.  She believes the education of our children is paramount and appropriate interventions can facilitate a successful experience.  She views parent’s roles in their children’s success as primary, and works to foster and support positive family dynamics.  Dr. Truog encourages the integration of behavioral interventions in her treatment plans, with significant experience treating such conditions as ADHD, Anxiety Disorders and Mood Disorders.
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