Jazmin Jerome

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern, Family Link Therapist

Jazmin Jerome has been a member of the Youth Crisis Center since May of 2018. She is currently a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern in the State of Florida. She graduated from Savannah State University, where she received both her Bachelors of Social work in 2016 and her Masters of Social Work in 2018. She has been granted the opportunity to practice social work in both Georgia and Florida, as well as internationally in Trinidad and Tobago. Two of Jazmin’s research studies have been published in the School Social Work Association of Georgia Journal and has presented research in various conferences.


Jazmin is currently a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the National Association of Black Social Workers. She has a passion for serving youth at risk. She also finds it very rewarding to be an aid to children and their families in their time of need. Jazmin’s favorite saying is “I do not believe in bad kids, only kids who are having a difficult way of expressing their needs!”

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