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Butterfly Garden Luncheon Review

On Friday, November 17th Youth Crisis Center held the first annual Butterfly Garden Luncheon, Celebrating Wings of Change. The Butterfly Garden Luncheon provided an opportunity for guests to learn about the innovative direction YCC is taking to identify the long-term impact of trauma, provide early intervention services, and introduce our collaborative efforts with JASMYN to

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The Great Grade Ticket Grab

Encourage children to MAINTAIN or IMPROVE their GRADES throughout the 9 weeks through any classroom assignment such as tests, quizzes, homework, classwork, class projects and/or final 9 weeks’ grades. The student that raises the most money will win tickets for classmates to enjoy local sporting events including a pizza and/or ice cream party.  1st Place 

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Butterfly Garden Luncheon

The Youth Crisis Center, Butterfly Garden LuncheonCelebrating the Wings of Change Friday, November 17th 2017  |  12:00pm Location: Youth Crisis Center 3015 Parental Home Rd. Jacksonville, Fl 32216   Event Overview The Youth Crisis Center is excited to invite you to the “YCC Butterfly Garden Luncheon, Celebrating the Wings of Change” on Friday, November 17th

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