House Parent

Title:                House Parent- Touchstone Village Clay

Department:    Touchstone Village

Position:          Sub-Contractor

Touchstone Village Clay is a Transitional Living program that has been developed out of a community need and community collaboration. Per the Clay County School Board, in the 2017-2018 school year 118 unaccompanied homeless youth were enrolled. Unaccompanied homeless youth are young people experiencing homelessness who are not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian. According to School House Connection, 4.2 million youth and young adults experience homelessness each year. The prevalence of youth homelessness is similar in rural, suburban and urban areas. Homelessness is associated with an 87% likelihood of dropping out of school. At the same time, the highest risk factor for youth homelessness is the lack of a high school diploma or GED. Youth without those basic education credentials are 4.5 times more likely to experience homelessness. YCC is excited for the opportunity to provide stable transitional housing to the young adults in Clay County to help with this need.

Touchstone Village Clay operates near the St. Johns River in Clay County. Transitional living services are provided to young adults, ages 18-21, who may be homeless, needing independent living skills sessions, aging out of foster care, leaving a group home, and/or in a variety of other situations which limit self-sufficiency. For those young adults that may already have stable housing, YCC will offer individual and group independent living skills sessions in the schools and community.

This subcontractor position is to work as a Houseparent for the Transitional Housing Program in Clay County.

·       Under general supervision, monitors residents in a residential/home life environment, and oversees the day-to-day care.

·       Maintains a clean, healthy and safe environment in house

·       Responsible for knowing and carrying out Youth Crisis Center policies and procedures in home as dictated by the Operations Manual

·       Provides transportation for residents to appointments and activities as needed

·       Performs community integration functions as needed

·       Demonstrated ability to work effectively with Transitional Living Specialist and Outpatient Therapist

·       Assist with homework as needed or required

·       Be the primary contact for emergencies after-hours.

·       Complete room inspections with Transitional Living Specialist weekly

·       Responsible for completing all required training as dictated by contract and Youth Crisis Center

·       Ability to effectively communicate to Youth Crisis Center on any pertinent issues.


Youth Crisis Center offers House Parent:

·       Business vehicle available (when responsible for live-in youth)

·       Free room and board (equivalent to a savings of more than $1000 per month)

·       $1000 stipend each month

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