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Your contribution to YCC helps keep families together. When you give to YCC, 100% of your donation goes to our programs for children and families. Click below for more information about in-kind and monetary donations.


Volunteers are appreciated at YCC and are valuable in assisting us with day-to-day program tasks. Currently, we are only accepting volunteers 18 years and older. Younger volunteers are welcome to volunteer if they are part of a group volunteering for a day project.


Currently we are only accepting donations for the following types of items:

Hygiene Items 
•  Dove bar body soap or body            wash                                              •  Jergens lotion                      •  V05 shampoo                        •  V05 conditioner                  •  Wide tooth combs & brushes  •  Hair gel & hair grease              •  White stick deodorant    •  Toothpaste – travel size  •  Toothbrushes                                •   ChapStick                        •  Overnight female pads                •  Shaving cream

•  Razors    

•  Headbands

•  Ponytail rubber bands 
•  Towels                                        
•  White washcloths                     
•  Pillowcases                                
•  Pillows   

•  White socks                                                                                     (boys and girls) – S, M, L 

•  White underwear                                                                            (boys, girls, men’s, women’s) – S, M, L, XL

•  Sports bras – S, M, L, XL

•  Closed toed shoes                                                                          (boys, girls, men’s, women’s, ages 10 – 17)

•  Young adult business clothes                                                      (Women sizes 14 – 8, Men sizes 32 – 46)                                 *blouses, dresses, ties, belts khaki pants, suits,                         dress socks

School Supplies
•  Backpacks with school supplies for youth to take home        when they are discharged

•  Supplies for our school classrooms on campus                                                                                                                                 

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