Volunteers are appreciated at YCC and are valuable in assisting us with the youth in our programs. Volunteers are required to submit to a background investigation and will work under the supervision of staff. As with any position at YCC, volunteers should apply at our Administrative Office, after which their application is screened for appropriate program assignment. Volunteers are then contacted for orientation and assignment by a program manager.

YCC has many opportunities for individuals to volunteer. In our residential program, volunteers help staff with on-campus and off-campus activities, answering telephones, and other activities involved in a residential program. Volunteers are also appreciated for assistance in clerical work, lawn care work, and professional pro bono work. State regulations prohibit using volunteers to counsel our clients.

YCC provides internship opportunities for students who are pursuing a college degree through an accredited college/university. Interns are typically pursuing a masters degree in mental health or clinical social work. YCC provides clinical supervision to students as they are providing direct service to clients and families.